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Welcome to the biological dental practice Dr. Gerstenberg

On our website we would like to give you the opportunity to inform yourself about our holistic biological therapy concept and to get to know Dr. Peter Gerstenberg and his team. On the following pages we would like to inform you about BIOLOGICAL DENTAL MEDICINE, CERAMIC IMPLANTATION and Vital aesthetics and give you a completely new view of biological-medical connections.

Biological dentistry

Remediation of dental foci and jaw interference fields, dead teeth, chronic jaw inflammation, amalgam and metal remediation with maximum protection, orthodontic prevention and early treatment,

Ceramic implants

Implant planning, diagnostics and ceramic implantation

Vital aesthetics

Amalgam removal, prophylaxis and periodontal treatment

Our practice

Our holistic biological dental practice including the practice's own CAD/CAM dental laboratory covers a floor space of approx. 210 m² on two levels. This area includes the reception, the waiting area, three treatment rooms including the operating room, conference room and - very important - our 3-D computer tomography (DVT), especially for our health "epicentre" teeth, jaws and their important adjacent structures.

With us, you will receive all-round advice and support from our team, from the first appointment right through to the operation. 

Dr. Peter

Expert in biological dentistry and ceramic implants.

Hello Dr. Gerstenberg and team, I was with you last week for interference field diagnostics. You asked me for feedback on how I felt after the treatment: - the first five hours clearly improved general well-being (more energy), little to no back pain, I felt stronger overall - the next day a strong headache, yet a clearly increased energy level was still noticeable the next day. Due to the drasticness in which my back pain improved after the treatment, I would like to have the root-treated tooth removed as soon as possible and replaced with a ceramic implant. I have very high hopes and look forward to the condition after your treatment!

- Patient (31)

Approx. 20 minutes after neural therapy the following complaints have improved and even disappeared: - Toothache - neck pain and tension - vision problems - stomach pain - headache - shoulder and arm pain - ability to concentrate. Overall, I felt more relaxed, calm and pain-free.

- Patient (33)

I was first referred to Dr Gerstenberg's practice by my alternative practitioner in December 2014 because of an ulcerated tooth in my left upper jaw. Not only was the tooth gently removed, but the inflamed jawbone in the surrounding area also had to be scraped out and a bone reconstruction carried out. I was amazed to find that as soon as I left the practice, my knee pain of many years on the left side subsided and soon disappeared completely. In the meantime, I have had all the toxic mercury and two other diseased (dead) teeth removed. Since then, I am much more efficient again, have fewer joint complaints and what was particularly interesting: I can smell again, which was not the case before, without being aware of it.

- Patient (43)

In 1998 I suffered from a slipped disc. An operation date had already been set. At the dentist's I learned that a chronically inflamed tooth could possibly be partly responsible for the back pain. I decided to have the tooth removed and the jaw inflammation caused by it professionally cleared out. The very next day, the back pain had completely subsided. I cancelled the surgery appointment. My back has been pain-free ever since.

- Patient (60)

I have had Parkinson's disease for 10 years. At the same time, the condition of my teeth deteriorated dramatically. At Dr. Gerstenberg's clinic I learned that diseased teeth can cause or aggravate illnesses and thus have a significant influence on general well-being. Soon after starting the dental treatment, my performance and general well-being definitely improved. The aim of further treatment is now to restore the chewing function with (hopefully) metal-free implants and teeth. The results will be reported.

- Patient (69)

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Wir halten Sie immer auf dem aktuellen Stand unserer Leistungen und Angebote.

Gesundheit aus der Sicht Biologischer ZahnMedizin

Die Bedeutung der ZahnMedizin für Prävention und Rehabilitation von chronisch degenerativen Systemerkrankungen Trotz aller medizinischen Fortschritte oder vielleicht wegen dieser, steigt die Anzahl chronischer Neuerkrankungen dramatisch an. Beispielhaft seien hier...

Ganzheitliches Behandlungskonzept

Wir möchten Sie auf unseren Seiten darüber informieren, dass die Zahnmedizin große Bedeutung für das Gesundbleiben und Gesundwerden hat. Zahnmedizin ist also von übergeordneter Bedeutung was Gesundheitsvorsorge und Genesung von z.T. dramatischen Systemerkrankungen...


Was versteht man unter dem Begriff (Zahn)-Störfeld: Der Begriff Störfeld ist in der ganzheitlichen Medizin geprägt worden.Unter einem Störfeld versteht man in der biologisch - ganzheitlichen Medizin einen Krankheitsprozess, der am Ort selbst unauffällig ist, seine...

Fall des Monats – Bericht über biologische Zahnheilkunde

Case of the Month - Biological Dentistry Report

Here we present an example of a difficult and extensive reconstruction, first of all of a severely compromised upper jaw, to give you an idea of the possibilities of biological dentistry.



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