Can a dentist cure "backs"?

Primary Chronic Degenerative Diseases from the Perspective of Biological Medicine / Dentistry

Not only the human organism exists on the basis of an autonomous regulatory system whose very own task is to maintain and establish the highest possible harmony and health and to correct any deviation from this.

Cautious calculations speak of 1015 autonomous, unconsciously running regulatory processes in every moment.

This "inner physician", as Hippocrates called him 2500 years ago, has been working in everything that lives since time immemorial.

Looking at the worrying increase of chronic - degenerative diseases in the western world today, one has to conclude that this inner doctor seems to be less and less able to do justice to his tasks, doesn't he?

The helplessness of modern medicine in the face of chronic degenerative diseases is obvious.

I would like to report here on a phenomenon that seems to cause such insurmountable problems of understanding in established medicine: on the summation effect of innumerable stress factors that eventually lead to decompensation and symptoms of disease.

To Aleksej Speranski, a Russian pathologist in Ivan Pavlov's team, we owe the concept of the so-called

"Second beat theory".

Simplified, this means nothing more than the fact that every organism can compensate for a sum of stresses without further damage. Similar to a rain barrel that slowly fills up with every downpour without being noticed.

It's not until the last little shower that the barrel overflows.

The barrel stands here as a symbol for autonomous regulation, i.e. the ability of living beings to cope with stress.

Some of these pressures are obvious, others less so.

I will mention just a few examples: Genetics and epigenetics, birth trauma, childhood diseases, vaccinations, Accidents, emotionally stressful situations such as separation, loss, visits to the doctor/dentist, electrosmog, toxins in the air and food, and much more.

An example will be used to explain why it is important to understand the significance of this second-strike phenomenon:

A patient comes to our dental practice with a chronic back condition - not primarily because of his back, but because he suffers from dental problems.

He had already tried "all sorts of things" because of his back. He and his orthopaedic doctor also knew what had "broken" his back, namely "wear and tear". The obvious idea that several jaw inflammations were significantly involved in the overall strain was initially dismissed, since the diseased teeth already existed before the back problem arose, and it was only the carrying of heavy furniture that had made the pain unbearable in the first place.

To put it in a nutshell: the wear and tear and the back pain including movement restrictions subsided after several tooth interference fields and toxic dental alloys had been remediated according to the rules of biological dental medicine. More precisely, several dead teeth were removed according to special rules of biological dentistry, the surrounding infected jaw bone was rehabilitated, a root remnant was removed, the necroses in the wisdom tooth regions were rehabilitated, amalgam and other metal alloys were removed under maximum protection and the bite position was corrected.

Established specialist medicine regularly only becomes involved when signs of illness appear. In this case, the cause of the illness would be lifting a piece of furniture. This would also clarify the "cause". If this is not enough, "wear and tear" is also mentioned.

Treatment is then only symptomatic and not causal. Since the underlying disruptive factors always have an overall systemic effect, various other supposedly different diseases usually appear at the same time, such as CFS, the well-known fatigue syndrome, neurological disorders, tumours, allergies, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, fibromyalgia, MS, ALS.

And each of these secondary diseases has its own "lodge", the neurologist, allergist, diabetologist, nephrologist, urologist and even the oncologist. The doctor's odyssey thus picks up speed: a multimorbid chronic patient emerges from a coherent overall symptomatology.

Back to our example

One attempt at an explanation: The back problem had remained without noticeable symptoms until then. The autonomic regulation had ensured that the multitude of earlier stress factors could be compensated.

It was the furniture carrying that provided the final straw that broke the proverbial camel's back.

Even though diseased, dead teeth, toxic dental metals, jaw necrosis and malocclusions in the bite had existed unnoticed for years before, back complaints did not occur until then.

Nevertheless, they had stretched the system's ability to compensate to the limit, in other words, they had filled the barrel to the brim.

Through the rehabilitation of the dental foci, it came to the relief of the barrel that the inner physician, who is known to work in every living being, can naturally solve the problem.

Conclusions: Autonomic regulation, the autonomic nervous system knows no boundaries between medical specialities.

The whole, as we know, is much more than the sum of its parts.

The quantum physicist De Brogli already put it this way in the 1930s: "We have been looking through the microscope for centuries.

It is now time to look through the macroscope and see the connections".

Workshop Biologische Zahnheilkunde

Workshop Biologische Zahnheilkunde

Ihre Rolle als Zahnmediziner ist bedeutender denn je: Störfelder im Mund bedingen chronischen Erkrankungen und Volkskrankheiten. Allerdings bedeutet biologische Zahnmedizin nicht einfach auf Amalgam und andere problematische Stoffe verzichten. Ganzheitliche Zahnheilkunde erfordert vielmehr ein mutiges Umdenken.



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