Orthodontic prevention and early treatment

The jaw area develops like any other organ according to its functional demands and the overall constitution. Growth and development is an intrinsic achievement and cannot be forced from the outside.

"Orthodontic prevention and early treatment grasps the patient as a total personality that needs to be nurtured". (Prof. Balters) We understand it as an impulse for self-regulation.

A well-formed dental arch with optimal interlocking is essentially achieved by harmonising the most important oral functions such as breathing, swallowing, chewing and speaking. Habits such as thumb sucking or pencil chewing also manifest themselves in crooked teeth and overbite. Therefore, a sensible functional accompanying treatment by specially trained speech therapists is often useful (NMT).

It starts as early as possible and is essentially the patient's own contribution. No healthy teeth are removed.

Rather, it is about a 3-dimensional development of the oral cavity and a harmonious bite position.
Holistic-functional jaw corrections (among others with the help of a bionator) are a prerequisite for posture and movement and thus crucial for personality development.

"The teeth are the keyboard with which the spine is programmed" (Dr. W. Schöttl)

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Workshop Biologische Zahnheilkunde

Workshop Biologische Zahnheilkunde

Ihre Rolle als Zahnmediziner ist bedeutender denn je: Störfelder im Mund bedingen chronischen Erkrankungen und Volkskrankheiten. Allerdings bedeutet biologische Zahnmedizin nicht einfach auf Amalgam und andere problematische Stoffe verzichten. Ganzheitliche Zahnheilkunde erfordert vielmehr ein mutiges Umdenken.



Am 22.09.2022 startet der kostenlose Arteriosklerose-online-Kongress! Der Kongress ist genau richtig für Dich, wenn Du erfahren möchtest, welche Werkzeuge Du selbst einsetzen kannst, um dieser verbreiteten Krankheit, im Einklang mit Deinem Körper, (ganzheitlich) etwas entgegen zu setzen.

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