What is meant by the term (tooth) interference field:

The term interference field has been coined in holistic medicine.
In biological - holistic medicine, an interference field is understood to be a disease process that is inconspicuous at the site itself, but projects its effects into other regions of the body and/or levels of consciousness. It can therefore cause physical distant effects as well as cause or promote disturbances on the psycho-emotional level. Every illness can be caused by an interference field - Every interference field can trigger or promote every illness (Dosch).
Interference fields can be of a mental nature (unresolved mental conflict (USK) - according to Klinghardt), as well as of a structural nature such as scars, tonsils and many more. The vast majority, however, are naturally dental and jaw interference fields.

Although this medical knowledge is largely beyond the reach of established medical science, it has been known for thousands of years in the empirical knowledge of the medicine of ancient cultures.

Autonomous regulation medicine (Klinghardt) describes the cybernetic idea that all processes are self-regulated by the organism and that only regulation-promoting or, in a less favourable way, regulation-blocking measures can be taken by doctors/dentists.

Sick and dead teeth as well as inflammation of the jaw can cause or promote a variety of health impairments. The same applies to the widespread periodontal diseases.

When are teeth sick:
Today, a failure rate of 60 to 75% applies to root canal treatments, depending on the study. However, the assessment criteria of these studies are purely clinical and do not even take into account the question of the so-called remote effects (focal and interference field). Surgical treatments of the root (root tip resections) do not solve the problem in our opinion!

Foci and interference fields can occur in the entire organism. However, the jaw area is by far the most frequently affected.

Here it is mainly:

  • diseased and dead, root-treated teeth
  • inflamed gum pockets (periodontitis)
  • Chronic jawbone degeneration starting from dead and diseased teeth even after their removal as so-called residual osteitis, chronic osteitis of the jaw, or fatty degenerative bone necrosis (FDOK) according to (Lechner, Voll, Kramer).
  • A particularly important area is the wisdom tooth region (8th tooth space) and the area behind it (9th tooth space), which has remained almost unknown until now.

Since the diagnosis requires special knowledge and a changed perspective, by far the largest number of (dental) foci unfortunately remain undetected until now or are reserved for specially trained holistic physicians and dentists.
All chronic degenerative diseases, such as all neurological degenerative diseases like MS, Parkinson's, ALS, dementia, as well as mental disorders, chronic fatigue (CFS), allergies, autoimmune diseases, joint and spinal diseases, diabetes, tumours and many more can be triggered or intensified by dental interference fields. Often, however, there is a summation effect of several factors, whereby interference fields only become relevant when grafted onto other stress factors. (second-strike theory according to Speranski).

Other interfering factors from the jaw area such as dental metals (see amalgam and metal remediation) and materials as well as functionally caused bite disorders (CMD bite and malocclusion) must also be taken into account here.
Thus, biological dentistry gains essential importance in the prevention and healing of chronic diseases in the sense of restoring health (regulatory medicine).


DVT: Due to the widespread 2-dimensional X-ray technology, interference fields often cannot be detected or can only be detected to a limited extent. You only see what you know. With the introduction of digital volume tomography (DVT), an ultra-modern 3-dimensional X-ray technique, interference fields can be diagnosed and documented that often remained undetected in the past. This high-resolution DVT technology is now available at our clinic.

Neural therapy: In case of doubt, the suspicion of an interference field can be actuated by an injection technique. A few drops of procaine are administered to the interference field in question. If the complaints improve for one to two days, the suspected interference field can be considered confirmed.

Therapy of interference fields: The treatment of these interference fields consists of the surgical rehabilitation of the affected jaw area or the removal of the diseased or dead tooth in accordance with the interference field. The resulting bone defect is regenerated with stem cells and growth factors from the patient's own blood. The OZON treatment promotes the regeneration of the operated area. Removing the diseased tooth is usually not enough. The diseased surrounding bone tissue must also be cleared out. Nutritional supplements are administered as a supportive measure - if possible already in preparation for the operation.

In many cases, the success of the treatment becomes apparent within a very short time. Sometimes immediately in the sense of the "seconds phenomenon according to Huneke" by the subsiding of:

  • long-standing joint complaints,
  • Back and intervertebral disc problems
  • Herniated discs (which is considered impossible by some orthopaedic surgeons).
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS)
  • Joint muscle pain (fibromyalgia/rheumatism)
  • Maxillofacial pain (trigeminal neuralgia/atypical facial pain)
  • Migraine/headaches of any kind
  • Significant improvement or disappearance of neurological symptoms, e.g. MS and all neurological degenerative diseases, etc. (see testimonials from patients)

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Workshop Biologische Zahnheilkunde

Workshop Biologische Zahnheilkunde

Ihre Rolle als Zahnmediziner ist bedeutender denn je: Störfelder im Mund bedingen chronischen Erkrankungen und Volkskrankheiten. Allerdings bedeutet biologische Zahnmedizin nicht einfach auf Amalgam und andere problematische Stoffe verzichten. Ganzheitliche Zahnheilkunde erfordert vielmehr ein mutiges Umdenken.



Am 22.09.2022 startet der kostenlose Arteriosklerose-online-Kongress! Der Kongress ist genau richtig für Dich, wenn Du erfahren möchtest, welche Werkzeuge Du selbst einsetzen kannst, um dieser verbreiteten Krankheit, im Einklang mit Deinem Körper, (ganzheitlich) etwas entgegen zu setzen.

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