Biological dentistry

In order to understand why the condition of our mouth and teeth is of such overriding importance for our health, quality of life and life expectancy, we need to remember that every human being was created from just one cell. Without this first cell, there would also be no highly specialised organs. After all, this specialisation has made it possible for such a highly complex organ system as the teeth and jaws to develop.

Research, however, cannot even explain how, for example, a super-hard substance like tooth enamel can come into existence seemingly effortlessly. A little reverence and humility towards these fascinating tissue structures would suit us doctors quite well if we were to start grinding away this tooth enamel in order to then replace it with an artificial tooth crown - for example to bridge gaps between teeth.

It is time for dental and medical science to overcome an outdated and unreflective approach, to move away from repair medicine and towards a holistic biological approach of genuine healing as an intrinsic achievement of every living being, including humans.


"Medicine must be organic and, above all, logical." 


Dr. Gerstenberg

Chronic degenerative diseases

There is hardly a chronic-degenerative disease that is not on the rise. In contrast to the state of health, there should only be one state of disease and not countless different diseases. First and foremost, tumours, diabetes, the entire range of neurological-degenerative diseases such as dementia, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, ALS and MS.

We see the connection to dentistry. As an expert in biological dentistry and ceramic implants with over 30 years of experience, I view the increasing specialisation in medicine with scepticism. We are not a kit of parts that can be changed.

Interfering fields of the jaws and teeth

This is the most spectacular sub-area of biological dentistry and is of the highest importance. WHAT IS AN INTERFERENCE FIELD? An interference field is understood to be "pathologically" altered tissue, which itself may be completely inconspicuous, but which can trigger, maintain or prevent the healing of any disease. Every disease can be caused by an interference field and every interference field can trigger, intensify or prevent the healing of every disease.

Where are interference fields found?

They can be anywhere, but an estimated 90 % of them occur in the jaw area. The fact that sick and dead teeth can have a disturbing effect on other medical areas is gradually finding its way into medicine. Unlike in any other medical discipline, dentistry is prepared to leave dead organs - i.e. dead teeth - in the body and to preserve them by root canal treatment. Dead teeth permanently produce highly toxic substances (mercaptan/thioether) that poison the organism and can promote any disease. Every dead/root-treated tooth is an inflammatory tooth with an interference field effect.



What is root canal treatment?

Here, the dentist tries to remove all organic substances from the tooth and close the prepared cavity with a root filling, but that is impossible to succeed. In every dead tooth, bacteria permanently produce toxic compounds that locally lead to inflammation of the surrounding jawbone, and systemically burden the immune system. A chronic inflammatory process is triggered, which is known in medicine as "silent inflammation". 


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This leads to a permanent activation of the immune system. About 100 years ago, Weston Price, an American scientist, removed the dead teeth of chronically ill patients in the sense of interference field rehabilitation and transplanted them under the skin of experimental animals. The astonishing result was that most of the patients treated in this way recovered from their illnesses or experienced significant improvements, while the test animals developed the symptoms of their "organ donors". Unfortunately, these spectacular studies have been largely ignored and are not on the curriculum of dental training. Besides, similar studies were repeated in the 1970s with similar results.

Against this background of knowledge, it is difficult to want to preserve diseased and dead teeth, as the consequences are usually more serious than the short-lived joy of a temporarily preserved tooth. Even apart from long-term and late damage to health: root canal treatments are doomed to failure in the majority of cases anyway, as can be seen from the large number of root resections after root canal treatments or tooth extractions after unsuccessful root canal treatments. The quality of the root canal treatment does not fundamentally change this. root canal treatment are doomed to failure in the majority of cases anyway, as can be seen from the large number of root resections after root canal treatments or tooth extractions after unsuccessful root canal treatments. The quality of the root canal treatment does not fundamentally change this.

Orthodontic prevention and early treatment

The jaw area develops like any other organ according to its functional demands and the overall constitution. Growth and development is an intrinsic achievement and cannot be forced from the outside.  

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A well-formed dental arch with optimal interlocking will essentially be achieved by harmonising the most important oral functions such as breathing, swallowing, chewing and speaking. Habits such as thumb sucking or mouth breathing also manifest themselves in crooked teeth and overbite. Therefore, a sensible functional accompanying treatment by specially trained speech therapists is often useful (NMT*).

It starts as early as possible and is essentially the patient's own contribution. No healthy teeth are removed. Rather, it is about a three-dimensional development of the oral cavity and a harmonious bite position. Holistic functional jaw corrections (among other things with the help of a bionator) are a prerequisite for posture and movement and thus decisive for personality development. The teeth are the keyboard with which the spine is programmed. (W.Schöttl)

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Workshop Biologische Zahnheilkunde

Workshop Biologische Zahnheilkunde

Ihre Rolle als Zahnmediziner ist bedeutender denn je: Störfelder im Mund bedingen chronischen Erkrankungen und Volkskrankheiten. Allerdings bedeutet biologische Zahnmedizin nicht einfach auf Amalgam und andere problematische Stoffe verzichten. Ganzheitliche Zahnheilkunde erfordert vielmehr ein mutiges Umdenken.



Am 22.09.2022 startet der kostenlose Arteriosklerose-online-Kongress! Der Kongress ist genau richtig für Dich, wenn Du erfahren möchtest, welche Werkzeuge Du selbst einsetzen kannst, um dieser verbreiteten Krankheit, im Einklang mit Deinem Körper, (ganzheitlich) etwas entgegen zu setzen.

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