Implants are artificial tooth roots. They are used to replace lost teeth. Most implants used today are still made of a metal, namely titanium. Unfortunately, metals tend to be rather unfavourable in medicine and are critical from many points of view. They heal via an inflammatory process and the gums also do not adhere to them.

The situation is completely different with ceramic implants. Ceramic implants are the biological alternative to conventional titanium implants. They are the best tolerated alternative to diseased and dead teeth. They are tissue-friendly like no other dental material and they are non-allergenic. Another more positive effect is brilliant aesthetics. 

Working with all-ceramic implants for more than 15 years.

Dr. Gerstenberg

Third like second

For decades, biologically holistic doctors and dentists have doubted that it would be reasonable to leave and accept chronic foci of inflammation such as dead teeth in the jaw. We regularly experience significant health improvements after consistent focal remediation of the jaws and teeth. While this focal rehabilitation used to be accompanied by gaps between teeth or even complete tooth loss, in our concept today ceramic implants are inserted immediately after the removal of diseased teeth, thus immediately restoring aesthetics and light functionality.


The aim of implant treatment is the natural restoration of the complete row of teeth. In other words, "third like second". This can be a single tooth or a completely edentulous jaw can be reconstructed.

Diagnostics and implant planning

Ceramics are simpler, but different (Dr U. Volz) DVT - three-dimensional diagnostics and implant planning - the ORTHOPHOS SL 3D from Sirona.

For a safe and gentle treatment, a modern three-dimensional X-ray diagnosis DVT-digital volume tomography of the company Sirona is available in our premises, through which a three-dimensional diagnosis and treatment planning are made possible, which opens up a new dimension of ceramic implantation.


Immediate implant placement

With our favoured immediate implantation, the removal of diseased teeth and the placement of the implants are carried out in one session.

This has several advantages: The duration of treatment is shortened by combining two to three treatment sessions into one. This reduces the physical, psychological and financial burden for those affected. In addition, the immediately inserted implants stabilise the surrounding gums and ensure a natural aesthetic result.


Immediate supply

With a good fit and high primary stability of the implants, immediate restoration of the implants is possible in many cases, so that our patients can leave the treatment session with fixed teeth. This is especially true for the aesthetically important anterior region.


Why ceramic implants?

Ceramic implants are particularly biologically neutral and biocompatible, have nature-identical aesthetics, do not corrode and are perfect electrical and thermal insulators. Ceramic implants are highly biocompatible and do not interact with the increasing electromagnetic stress caused by technical radiation. From planning to the completion of treatment, everything is done from a single source. With the help of lasers, 3-D planning and ultrasound technology, we can now often perform implant treatments very gently - minimally invasive.

The advantages of gentle computer-assisted implantation: Implant planning is carried out on the computer before the actual implantation. Here, the surgeon obtains an exact picture of the jaw region in which the implantation is to take place by means of a three-dimensional X-ray.

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