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I received a large number of ceramic implants and had Nicos removed, so I had a major surgical procedure. I have rarely experienced so much competence. The whole team is very, very friendly and competent. Everyone works in harmony with each other. No contradictions in the statements of the assistants, but a dovetailing of the whole system from A-Z. Dr. Gerstenberg impressed me very much with his expertise as a dentist, but especially as a surgeon. I had two operations, each lasting about 7 hours, under local anaesthesia. This stresses the body much less than proceeding in chunks over months. His conviction as a bio-dentist (influence of teeth on physical and mental health) is so interesting and comprehensible in content. He was also personally self-reflective and reacted so professionally in a critical situation that my confidence grew even more. The technicians he employs himself also work hand in hand with him. I am really taken with this professional overall picture (doctor, assistants and technicians). Everything went so "smoothly" and so hand-in-hand and coordinated with each other that I am quite taken with it. Great doctor, great team. 1000 thanks. AG

I was first referred to Dr Gerstenberg's practice by my alternative practitioner in December 2014 because of an ulcerated tooth in my left upper jaw.

Not only was the tooth gently removed, but the inflamed jawbone in the surrounding area also had to be scraped out and a bone reconstruction carried out. I was amazed that as soon as I left the practice, my knee complaints of many years on the left side subsided and soon completely disappeared.

I have since had all the toxic mercury and two other diseased (dead) teeth removed.
Since then, I am much more efficient again, have fewer joint complaints and what was particularly interesting: I can smell again, which was not the case before, without me being aware of it.

Patient (43)

I feel better, more efficient and more alert after the interference field remediation (3 diseased - dead teeth removed). The joint pain has decreased considerably and my mobility has improved, as has my eyesight.

Patient (44)


Treatment day

Already during or after the treatment, "my pain in the left groin area", which had accompanied me permanently for 1.5 years, seemed to have disappeared. Without prior notice or polite farewell, just like that.  And indeed, it had gone, disappeared without a trace, could no longer be found.  I couldn't believe it at first and doubted my perception.  Gradually, a simple thought forced its way into my consciousness: "This simply can't be true!"  A constant companion for one and a half years, always there and no longer to be "felt away" or "thought away".  No, no I could not believe it. Yes, maybe I didn't want to believe it either, because it seemed so, soooo impossible. 

To my astonishment, there was also no more of my discomfort under my armpits. (Five weeks ago I had had a vaccination and afterwards I could not move my left arm for three days. This caused my lymph nodes under the arm to swell up, which was a very unpleasant feeling. I can now move my arm again, but the lymph nodes are still partly swollen and the "funny feeling" under my arms is also still very present). Just gone.

This pain-free state continued during the drive home, although I felt that my abdominal muscles were habitually trying to counteract the non-existent pain.

When I got home, I noticed a short "twinge" in my left groin. But at first it only lasted for a short time and was not the long-lasting pain I had known for 1.5 years.

Day 1 after treatment

no discomfort under the armpits throughout the day.

After getting up, no complaints. Later, on the long drive to work (about 2 hours), the old pain returned. However, in a weakened form. During work it was more of an interplay, i.e. sometimes the pain was there, sometimes not. In the evening, after the return journey, the pain returned, but not as severe.

2nd day after treatment

No complaints in the morning. At lunchtime, a brief flare-up of pain. No pain in the evening.

Patient (49)

I visited you last Wednesday 31.08 for interference field diagnostics.

They asked me to give feedback on how they felt after the treatment:

- The first five hours clearly improved general well-being (more energy), little to no back pain, I felt stronger overall.

- The next day I had a severe headache, but this may be due to stress, as I currently have a lot of doctor's appointments with long travel times, but the next day I still had a noticeably increased energy level. 

Due to the marked improvement in my back pain after the treatment, I would like to have the root-treated tooth! removed as soon as possible! and replaced with a ceramic implant.

Due to the long journey time to your practice (almost 2 hours) and my very time-consuming oncological treatments, I would like to take all the other treatment steps suggested by you one by one afterwards. Since the diagnosis, I have been trying to plan everything in such a way that I do not experience too much stress.  

I would appreciate it if you could send me all the information about the treatment of the tooth in question. Costs (also for the implant), a short description of the procedure and, due to my pronounced intolerances, which anaesthetic will be used. 

I have very high hopes and look forward to the condition after your treatment!

Best regards

Patient (29)

after neur. Therapy/interference field testing: no more heat episodes, improved vision, tension between neck and throat is relieved.

Patient (46)

My legs hurt all the time. I always had the feeling that they didn't belong to me.
Since my biological dental rehabilitation, both have disappeared. I feel much better.

Patient (60)

I would like to mention that I consider your calculation and the costs for the treatment and materials to be absolutely fair.
I also hope to be able to express it briefly - great compliments for your new website.

Great colour concept, authentic and strong images, clarity and liveliness in successful contrast.
I especially like the moment of suspense of fleetingness and detailed presentation of moments of treatment as well as of you as people,...really nicely done.

By the way, I haven't had another heart burn since the operation, although the complaints before the operation occurred several times a day in the meantime and became more and more insistent. I can't quite believe it yet and don't want to rejoice too soon, but it feels incredibly liberating. The jaw itself still hurts, but it's getting better every day. I am incredibly happy that I found you guys.
Please feel my joy at this.

I mean, this is quantum physics too : )
[I will take time shortly to write down my experiences and publish them in coordination with you].


Patient (35)

Hello Dr Gerstenberg and team,
I went to you last week for interference field diagnostics.
They asked me for feedback on how they felt after the treatment.
- The first five hours clearly improved general well-being (more energy), little to no back pain, I felt stronger overall.
- severe headache the next day, yet a significantly increased energy level was still noticeable the next day.

Due to the drastic way in which my back pain
improved after the treatment, I would like to have the root-treated tooth! removed as soon as possible!
and replaced with a ceramic implant.

I have very high hopes and look forward to the condition after your

Patient (31)

After testing and short-term treatment of the interference fields by neural therapy, I can move my knee better again and have less pain.

Patient (67)

After interference field testing/therapy the following changes in the body: no more heat attacks, improved eyesight, tension between neck and throat is relieved.

Patient (46)

I feel better, more efficient and more alert after the interference field remediation (3 sick - dead teeth removed). The joint pain has decreased considerably and my mobility has improved, as has my eyesight.

Patient (44)

- Toothache
- Toothache
- Neck pain and tension
- visual problems
- Stomach pain
- Headache
- Shoulder and arm pain
- Ability to concentrate.
Overall, I felt more relaxed, at ease and pain-free.

Patient (33)

extreme insomnia, exhaustion, burnout after neural therapy of the interference fields

Dear Dr Gerstenberg,

Here, somewhat belatedly (due to insomnia), is my feedback on my first appointment with you:

Initially: Feeling of pressure on the teeth, accompanied by a very slight headache. No longer perceptible after about half an hour.

From the early evening: extreme tiredness (I could hardly keep my eyes open). A mobility restriction in the shoulder area that had existed for a long time was hardly present.

And: I could sleep! So deeply that I was woken up by my alarm clock. I can't say when I experienced this for the last time.

I'll be in touch shortly about the refurbishment.

Patient (55)

After interference field testing by means of neural therapy/medicinal anaesthesia with procaine

Hello Mr Gerstenberg,

As requested, I report on how I felt after the neural therapy.

Immediately after the administration of procaine, I felt totally light and well. Basically, I don't feel bad. I notice more in the higher stress range if there is a difference. 2 hours after the visit to your practice, I sat on my bike and rode 60 km. I hadn't felt as fit as I did on Friday for a long time. I had really good legs. On Saturday I had an online training course all day and couldn't test it, but on Sunday this super effect was over again. With this in mind, the Nicos have to go!

Male, Doctor (46)

In 1998, I suffered from a slipped disc. An operation date had already been set.
At the dentist, I learned that a chronically inflamed tooth could possibly be partly responsible for the back pain.
I decided to have the tooth removed and the jaw infection it had caused professionally cleared out.
The very next day, the back pain had completely subsided. I cancelled the surgery. My back has been pain-free ever since.

Patient (60)

I am an implant patient and regularly go to Dr Gerstenberg and his team for prophylaxis. Here my
implants and prosthesis are cleaned and cared for according to the latest technology. I am very satisfied with this treatment technique and quality of service.

Reinhold Asche

I have been a patient in Dr Peter Gerstenberg's practice for 25 years now and feel that he and his team treat me competently and holistically. My joint problems in the hip and lumbar spine, which began 13 years ago, could be controlled by implants, so that I do not need a hip replacement. I am very grateful to Dr Gerstenberg for this. His work is supported by regular, thorough prophylaxis, which is carried out by the very friendly team. This open, courteous manner of the team saves me the stress of a visit to the dentist, for which I would also like to express my sincere thanks!


female 69
I have had Parkinson's disease for 10 years.
At the same time, the condition of my teeth deteriorated dramatically.
I learned from Dr. Gerstenberg that diseased teeth can cause or aggravate diseases and thus have a significant influence on the general well-being.
Soon after the dental treatment was started, definite efficiency was achieved
and general well-being positively.
The aim of further treatment should now be the restoration of the chewing function with
(hopefully) metal-free implants and teeth.
The result will be reported.


I went to the orthopaedist because of severe pain in my legs. However, he couldn't find anything wrong and since the pain wasn't permanent, he didn't see any need for further action apart from manual therapy.

It was only a visit to an osteopath that brought my teeth into play for the first time.
I then confronted my dentist at the time with my problems, but he saw no connection.

Fortunately, I then became aware of Dr Gerstenberg's practice. There they immediately saw the connection between root-treated teeth, which in the meantime were only foci of inflammation (but without causing pain in the teeth!) and the muscle and joint pain in my legs.
After professional tooth removal ( completely relaxed by the use of laughing gas ) including the inflammations, I am completely pain-free again.

The gaps were closed with implants and I am happy and satisfied all over again.

A big thank you to Dr Gerstenberg and his team for this.


I went for dental treatment with Dr Gerstenberg and his team because I suspected that my joint disease somehow had something to do with my bad teeth. I had already made an appointment with the orthopaedic surgeon for an operation on my knee joint, which had been extremely swollen and painful for a long time, and I was taking strong medication at the time.

The assumption was fully confirmed: after professional tooth removal including the surrounding inflamed jaw tissue, the knee complaints subsided immediately and the surgery appointment could be cancelled and the medication discontinued.

It was particularly interesting that five small implants made of zircon ceramic could be inserted in the same treatment appointment, so that I immediately had teeth in my mouth again, even though I was aware that they would only be fully usable for chewing again after a few weeks of healing.

Mrs F. (60)

Top team and super dentist .
I came to Dr Gerstenberg with a toothache. The x-rays showed that one of the teeth was no longer preservable. I got a ceramic implant and after a few weeks a ceramic crown on it. The pain is gone and visually it's as if nothing had happened!


Dear Dr Gerstenberg,
Dear practice team,
Today I would like to thank you all for the excellent rehabilitation of my teeth. By providing crowns for most of the teeth and placing an implant, the function, the aesthetics and the bite surface between the upper and lower jaws have been excellently improved. Such a good situation was unknown to me before the treatment. I am very grateful to you, Dr. Gerstenberg, for this. Thanks to the regular professional prophylaxis of your team, it has been possible to maintain the good overall result for many years. I am happy about my fixed dentures every day and would not want to do without them. Meine Spannungen vor dem Zahnarztbesuch wurden durch die offene, freundliche Atmosphäre in Ihrer Praxis schnell abgebaut. I am also grateful for that. From the bottom of my heart I wish you all continued pleasure and success in your work and remain with kind regards
Your patient Dore Lütjens

Dore L.

I was in Dr Gerstenberg's practice for the first time today and I was pleasantly surprised. The whole atmosphere and the practice team were just great and super friendly, so I'm happy to go back! I've never experienced such a nice environment in a dental practice, thank you very much again, I felt very comfortable with you.

Sabine H.

I became aware of Dr. Gerstenberg & Team because of my dental phobia. Very professional team, as they took my fear into consideration. I am looking forward to my next visit to the practice for the first time. With a big smile I say thank you very much, see you next time !!!!!

Jens N.

I am satisfied - as I have been for 25 years - with the excellent service and the sustainability of the treatment.

Manfred L.

Shortly before my holiday, I needed help quickly. I have the practice team and Dr Gerstenberg to thank for the fact that I can go on holiday without a care in the world. Many thanks for that!

Andreas G.

Dear practice team, today I would finally like to thank you publicly via the Internet in keeping with the new times.........for your professionalism, always combined with friendliness and appropriate care....for the consultation, the operation, during which I felt comfortable in the hands of Dr. Gerstenberg....very often I am asked by friends and colleagues about my great teeth...what will it be like when everything is finished...Since I rave about you at all times, two friends now also want to solve their dental problems with you. As I am rather a computer novice, I am particularly pleased that my "laptop" has led me to you and I hope that you will get many more patients this way... and I will also ensure that with traditional "word of mouth". Until the next cleaning or treatment, Cornelia Feldvoß, smiling with satisfaction.

Cornelia F.

Today I would first like to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. Yesterday I received an implant and several crowns at the same time. I am still a bit speechless, not because of the pain, but because of the unbelievable professionalism, also of the team, because of the unbelievable speed and competence. Thank you so much, I read the positive newspaper article which was more than confirmed. I will gladly recommend you whenever possible. Especially in the field of implantology.
With kind regards
V. Juergensen

Verena J.

I would like to say thank you to the very nice and always friendly team 🙂 and to Dr. Gerstenberger. My fear of the dentist was finally taken away and the result is great! It was a hard job for the doc and me because my friends didn't want to say goodbye to me without a fight, but with patience and spit, we did it!

jürgen s.

You guys are really SUUUUUUUUPER!!! Keep up the good work!

Jan-Hinnerk W.

I would like to thank you, Dr. Gerstenberg, and your entire team for the many years of service we have received in your practice.
SUPER treatment.

Further all the best with best regards from Bad Segeberg
Josef Peter Rupp

Josef Peter R.

Dear practice team, Dear Peter,
I have been a patient for 24 years now, and the success is very lasting even if the initial situation is unfavourable. Thank you very much - Manfred Leuers

Manfred L.

I would like to thank the entire team at Dr. Gerstenberg's practice for the professionalism, competence and stress-free manner in which they handle appointments, prophylaxis and treatment, and for answering all my questions in detail and at the highest level. Sincerely, Horst Tiedt

Horst T.

Dr. Gerstenberg, saviour in the emergency. After years of searching in vain, he discovered the cause of the complaints through targeted and careful discussions and examinations. His treatments, carried out with great care, and the success are very impressive. Mrs. Freiberg, just like Dr. Gerstenberg, makes every effort to carry out her treatments as stress- and pain-free as possible. All questions are answered patiently, competently and understandably by both of them. I would not like to forget the very helpful Mrs. Scharffenberg, as well as the practice team. A team that I can only recommend to others. Thank you all for that.

Bärbel C.

Today I had a baby tooth extracted. It didn't hurt, but the anaesthetic feels very strange.


I received implants in the Gerstenberg practice almost three years ago and am very satisfied with them. The prophylaxis with Mrs Freiberg helps me quite significantly to maintain the good condition of my dentition. High praise for the whole team.

Marlies C.-G.

From scheduling, making and confirming appointments to getting up and out of the chair, all in all, highly recommendable. State-of-the-art, sophisticated technology, very friendly, polite and competent staff round off the overall impression positively. - Prevention instead of restoration: under this motto, the patient receives the best advice and professional care. And when more extensive treatment is required, implantology is one of the rénommées with which Dr. Gerstenberg excels, along with ecological, biological, homeopathic and orthodontic approaches.

My family and I feel we are in the best hands here.

Jens-Albert R. H.

I feel I am in good hands with Mrs Freiberg's prophylaxis. I appreciate her competence and friendly manner. My teeth are in good hands.

Manfred I.

Dental hygiene: Very thorough and careful dental hygiene
instructed by Mrs Freiberg. Highly recommended! Good explanations!

K. E.

I visit Dr P. Gerstenberg's practice to have my teeth professionally cleaned 3 times a year. I have this done exclusively by Mrs Freiberg!!!!! Yours sincerely

Olaf P.

Hello dear practice team, congratulations on the successful relaunch of the homepage. The pages are really successful and clearly designed.

Andreas B.