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For about 150 years, the mercury-containing dental filling material has been part of everyday life in dentistry, despite numerous oppositions. Even after decades, every amalgam filling permanently secretes mercury, which pollutes the entire body, but mainly causes damage to the nervous system. Contrary to reports to the contrary, the main part of human mercury exposure comes from dental fillings - in newborns from those of their mother or their mother's mother. Apart from its toxic properties, it does not meet our standards of dental aesthetics.

Let us consider that amalgam contains 50% mercury and that every amalgam filling is permanently in the process of dissolution. There is a gradual poisoning with all the components of the metal alloys.


Amalgam-free for 30 years.

Dr. Gerstenberg

At Dr. Gerstenberg & Team, amalgam has been dispensed with for 30 years and old fillings are removed from the teeth with maximum protection. In the meantime, it has also been proven and known in laboratory medicine that all dental metals can result in health impairments of varying severity.

For our understanding of bio-aesthetic dentistry, this means: amalgam sanitation under maximum protection, especially cofferdam, protective gas, gold mask, detoxification through the microalgae chlorella, wild garlic and coriander herb extract - metal-free treatments since 1998, metal-free implantation since 2004.

Increasing radiation exposure, by the way, increases metal corrosion and thus the release of mercury from dental fillings.


Expert metal refurbishment is essential

Metal remediation requires knowledge that is not taught in conventional dental training, as amalgam problem awareness is not on the curriculum of student training.

It is also not uncommon for unprotected metal removal to trigger episodes of disease - e.g. MS - that should have been avoided. It requires special knowledge and care to achieve real health benefits and avoid treatment-related harm.

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While the use of amalgam is still allowed in Germany, other countries have banned it for decades (e.g. Russia, Japan, Sweden).

What applies to mercury amalgam applies in a similar way to all other dental metal alloys. It has been proven, for example, that the temperature around titanium implants is significantly increased by using cordless phones on the ear. This could be one of the reasons why there is now an increasing number of inflammatory reactions around metal implants. Often one finds colour changes of the gums and jaw bones caused by metal corrosion. It is understandable that these metal tattoos are not only relevant in the mouth, but systemically.

That is why Dr. Gerstenberg only uses ceramic implants and metal-free ceramic materials.


For me, teeth represent one of the most impressive feats of creative nature. For thousands of years, they have not only enabled humans to survive.

However, under today's lifestyle conditions and due to the consumption of industrial food with various unnatural additives such as sugar, fluorides as well as genetically manipulated and toxically contaminated grain (glyphosate), the destruction of dental health, for example, often occurs very early.

Caries is not a fluoride deficiency disease! And in my opinion, it is not a consequence of poor dental hygiene, even if that is what dentists teach.

If brushing our teeth would keep them healthy, Mother Nature would have brought us into the world with a toothbrush. Nature does not err, or rather eradicates every error immediately.

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In nature, everything has its purpose, even measles, although we are not even remotely capable of understanding this completely. One thing, however, is superfluous: the human arrogance of wanting to judge everything and improve natural processes. ("Artificial intelligence". Let your food be your remedy - let your remedy be your food (Hippocrates of Kos anno 400 B.C.)

Since the Western world has been moving away from natural foods to industrially processed, genetically manipulated, high-sugar, toxin-laden foods for many decades, the major health destroyers caries and periodontitis, combined with jaw deformities and tooth misalignments, have been able to spread rapidly.

If the organism is optimally supplied with natural vital substances, if natural food is consumed, if breastfeeding is taken seriously, in short, if the bio-logic of natural interrelationships is recognised, this is the best protection against dental decay with the consequences for systemic health, life expectancy and quality of health that have already been explained several times.

Prophylaxis while maintaining malnutrition must miss its target!


Thanks to modern, high-performance ceramic materials, we are now able to dispense with metals for dental restorations. In addition to higher biocompatibility, brilliant aesthetics are an essential aspect in the treatment decision. Today, restorations are made very elegantly and promptly in our practice using CAD/CAM technology. 

Unlike conventional fillings or crowns, dental ceramics are bonded to the tooth in a watertight (adhesive) manner. The necessary dryness on the tooth is achieved, if necessary, by means of a rubber band (rubber dam). This reliably prevents the penetration of moisture and bacteria and the tooth is protected from renewed disease. Another advantage of this treatment method: There is no need for additional treatment appointments, another anaesthetic injection and a temporary filling, as the teeth are restored on the same day. This makes this method particularly suitable for patients who have a longer journey to the practice and would like to save themselves a second appointment.

CMD - Bite and malocclusion

A harmonious bite is an essential prerequisite for perfect functionality of the movement system. It is now known that a malocclusion not only damages the teeth themselves, but also affects the entire musculoskeletal system. Diseases and pain conditions that are often closely related to the masticatory system include:


  • Pain and movement restrictions of the entire spine and all joints, including intervertebral disc lesions
  • Headache / migraine
  • Tinnitus/ear noise/inner ear damage/hearing loss
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Jaw dysfunctions have a kind of precursor role for the movement system, i.e. at the beginning there is the bite disorder. Functional diseases of the movement system are often the consequences of imbalances in the masticatory system. Our systemic therapy approach: developmental support for the jaw area and thus for the entire movement system in the mixed dentition phase (i.e. as early as possible!). Here we focus on the bionator - an amazingly simple, but ingeniously designed, removable treatment device. Here, too, the impulse for self-development and self-organisation works in the sense of regulatory medicine, a kind of help for self-help. Growth and development are biological processes and can hardly be replaced by mechanical foreign corrections. 

Periodontal treatment

Beautiful teeth need healthy gums and an intact jawbone. Most teeth today, however, are lost due to diseased gums and jaw inflammation. The consequences are not only receding gums and loose teeth. The entire body suffers the consequences of this periodontal disease (popularly known as periodontosis). Doctors have now recognised the effects of this systemic disease and point out the need for treatment of periodontal disease. This connection is now widely known for all cardiovascular diseases, but also for diabetes. Periodontitis - the scurvy of modern times!

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It was already known in the past that canned food did not contain enough vital substances. This knowledge is still valid, but seems to have been forgotten. Even today, a lack of vitamin C leads to periodontitis and other systemic diseases. Unfortunately, people cannot produce vitamin C themselves and have to take it in high concentrations with food, which, however, contains almost none of it.

Vitamin D3 is actually a hormone. Humans produce it through sunlight. In our latitudes, however, only from spring to early autumn, as long as the sun is above 45° and our skin is in the fresh air and neither covered with clothing nor loaded with sunscreen. With reasonable exposure, the sun is an indispensable elixir of life and not the demon that the media unthinkingly tell us it is.

D3 is indispensable for countless vital processes and unfortunately almost always too low in our latitudes! Teeth and jaws as a mirror of health? In the case of periodontal diseases, the connection between dental health and the immune system is particularly clear. Periodontal diseases not only cause systemic diseases, but are also an expression of reduced immune strength.

Our approach:

Gentle periodontal treatment is only possible within the framework of a systematic pre- and aftercare concept with consistent dietary changes. Healing is the body's own achievement, which no doctor can bring about. Rather, the medical contribution is rather small in the sense of accompanying treatment and healing support. We understand dental rehabilitation as health prophylaxis, since dental diseases are not without consequences for health in general.

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